At Rockthatbody Nutrition and Fitness Coaching I care about your well-being. As a Precision Nutrition Coach I help clients achieve real change with real health producing results. My nutrition program is strategically designed to give you 12 months of expert coaching with plenty of support along the way. Because it is outcome based and rooted in behavior change psychology, this program has successfully provided results for thousands of people looking to maintain or reach optimal health. Whatever reason brings you here today, rest assured that you are not alone and that you are in good company. I came into this profession out of my own need to deal with and manage chronic hepatitis B. While in my case it is more complicated than simply preventing a lifestyle related disease, I know that nutrition is the best place to start if we wish to live well into our senior years. Please note that spots are available on a first come first served basis. Once full, we will not have any openings until the Fall of 2017.

Monthly Plan
($160 monthly/$1,920 a year)


Yearly Plan
($135 monthly/ $1,620 a year)


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